Business immigration


Under the Canadian law, one can move to Canada as a Business Immigrant. To qualify as a business immigrant, one needs to belong to any of the categories: Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, Start Up Visa or Self Employed.


  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program – selection criteria
  • Reaching $2 million non-guaranteed investment in the immigrant investor venture capital fund for 15 years or more;
  • Proving they legally obtained $10 million net worth through lawful businesses and investments;
  • Taking a designated language test and obtaining a minimum of CLB 5 in English or French for all the measured language abilities.
  • Having obtained a Canadian post-secondary credential of at least one year length or a foreign equivalent that has been validated by an Educational Credential Assessment.


2) Start Up Visa

The Canadian government encourages entrepreneurs who are willing to come up with innovative ideas and set up their own business in Canada. In order to be eligible for this type of visa, one will usually need support from a specific group, such as angel investors or venture capital firms. 


3) Self-Employed

As a self-employed immigrant, one needs to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Having the intention and the abilities to set up their own employment by making a relevant contribution to the Canadian culture, arts or sports or by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada.
  • Proving they have the required standard of experience in the chosen domain they want to be self-employed in (cultural/artistic/athletic activities or farm management).

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